Working to prevent and end sex trafficking has been ineffective throughout United States government policies, and laws. Currently laws in the United States punish the individual who has been victimized, as opposed the “John” involved in the crime. In order for sex trafficking to be minimized there are many changes that need to be made by the administration. According to Raymond and Hughes there needs to be a change in the 3 P’s: prevention, protection, and prosecution (2001). The punishments need to be given to the “johns” or pimps rather than the victim, and the punishments must be appropriate for the crimes. Many of the “Johns” get off with no punishment in the United States, and the victims are imprisoned. The “Johns” must no longer be allowed to use the excuse of consent of the victim in order to have the charges dropped, because many of these women were tricked into their situation. The women need to be treated as victims of human rights violations, and not as illegal immigrants or sex offenders. The problems need to be dealt with by professional social workers and counselors who understand the problems these victims have been faced with.

     Individual groups have worked to begin to create awareness about sex trafficking, and the harmful effects to the individual. There is one group that has been working together to promote awareness and combat sex-trafficking; it is a group named Mercy Ministries, and they promote online awareness at They advocate for victims to be provided with safe environments, and that more programs are created for the rehabilitation of sex-trafficking victims. They allow donations to be made, and for people to volunteer their time in order to change how victims of sex-trafficking are dealt with.

     Another foundation that has recently begun, and has been a viral success on the internet is Demi Moore’s and Ashton Kutcher’s foundation DNA. This foundation has received criticism about the way it goes about promoting awareness of sex-trafficking. They have created videos that advocate that “Real Men Don’t Buy Girls,” and allowed others to send in their videos in order to promote the cause. Many of these videos have taken a “comedic” approach, and they provide little to no information on the seriousness of the situation.



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